Eliminate shrinkage. Enhance margins. Diversify your offerings.

Craft Dummy brings global premium beverage brands to U.S. retailers. Our innovative distribution model removes traditional barriers to create supreme partnerships with minimal risk and big profit.

The risk-free, smart way to diversify your offerings

Access an endless aisle of premium global beverages:

Product vetting
& diagnostic

Our intensive vetting procedure ensures only the most successful brands make it through.

Segment leaders, manufacturers
& emerging brands

We offer partnerships with a diverse group of quality beverage creators

market entry

Our patented API integrates our products seamlessly with most retail online stores for
on-demand order management and fulfillment.

& distribution services

Why risk it? Don’t stock. Just sell. Access an endless shelf. We take care of all warehousing and distribution.

Other companies

What we do

We Simplified, Modernized and removed barrios to create transparency.

Our intensive product vetting procedure ensures that we only partner with top-quality products that will thrive in the U.S. market. We complete a full diagnostic for all brand partners, including market validations, competitor analysis, price analysis, and sales package.

Product vetting and diagnostic

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A private collection of premium spirits only available through Craft Dummy

We partner with segment leaders, manufacturers, and emerging brands

We partner with a variety of top-quality global beverage brands, from emerging brands to leaders that meet customer demand. Our brand partners can serve your customer’s every desire. Add a celebrated foreign wine to your collection. Take a premium white-label product and brand it for your next big event. Show your customers an entirely new world they didn’t know existed by dipping into the largest collection of premium spirits in the world.

Our modern API seamlessly integrates products into existing online Innovative eCommerce technology for easy integration stores for realtime order fulfillment. We take care of all warehousing and distribution efforts, creating a unique opportunity for retailers to try new brands with no risk of surplus stock or lack of shelf space.

Innovative eCommerce technology for easy integration

We provide all warehousing and distribution services to give retailers Stocking and distribution services an endless shelf with no shrinkage. With warehouses across the U.S., products are expected to deliver within 3 hours. We take care of all logistics and operations and provide detailed sales reports and inventory tracking.

Stocking and distribution services

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